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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Agent Top Ten Lists- Most Queried, Most Accepting, Most Rejecting, Most Non-Responsive

There’s a lot of interesting information for free over at Query Tracker, so I thought I’d post some of their top ten lists regarding agents’ response rates and genre preferences, etc. Keep in mind that (to my knowlege) all of these statistics are based ONLY on info submitted to QT, so I'm not sure how accurate they are to the query pool overall.

I don't know that these particular statistics matter much in terms of your agent search, and they certainly don't mean that you should judge an agent in any way for being listed, but the side of me that loves celebrity gossip and silly magazines still enjoys reading these kinds of lists :)

Top 10 Most Queried Agents

2 Kristin Nelson @ Nelson Literary Agency, LLC
3 Ethan Ellenberg @ Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
4 Diana Fox @ Fox Literary
5 Andrea Somberg @ Harvey Klinger, Inc.
6 Ginger Clark @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
7 Joanna Stampfel-Volpe @ Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation
8 Jennifer Jackson @ Donald Maass Literary Agency
9 Holly Root @ Waxman Literary Agency
10 Laura Bradford @ Bradford Literary Agency

Top 10 Most Accepting Agents (requesting partials or fulls)

1 Denise Little @ Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
2 Scott Eagan @ Greyhaus Literary Agency
3 Jessica Sinsheimer @ Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency
4 Sandy Lu @ L. Perkins Agency
5 Claire Gerus @ Claire Gerus Literary Agency
6 Anne Bohner @ Pen and Ink Literary
7 PJ Mark @ Janklow & Nesbit Associates
8 Mary Sue Seymour @ The Seymour Agency
9 Laura Bradford @ Bradford Literary Agency
10 Kate Lee @ International Creative Management

Top 10 Most Requested Fiction Genres

1 Young Adult (yay!)
2 Fantasy
3 Literary Fiction
4 Thrillers/Suspense
5 Romance
6 Women's Fiction
7 Commercial Fiction
8 Middle Grade (yay!)
9 Mystery
10 Historical Fiction

I'm a little under the weather, and will not be posting links with the top ten most rejecting and non-responsive agents. Please see the QT Top Ten page for links by clicking HERE.

Top 10 Most Rejecting Agents

1 Stedman Mays @ Scribblers House LLC
2 Angela Rinaldi @ The Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency
3 James Schiavone @ Schiavone Literary Agency
4 Laura Dail @ Laura Dail Literary Agency, Inc.
5 Paul Levine @ Paul S. Levine Literary Agent
6 Kathi Paton @ Kathi J. Paton Literary Agency
7 Anne Hawkins @ John Hawkins & Associates, Inc.
8 Victoria Sanders @ Victoria Sanders & Associates
9 Laura Nolan @ DeFiore and Company
10 Lisa Leshne @ LJK Literary Management

Top 10 Most Non-Responsive Agents (to be fair, many of these clearly state on their website that No-Response = No)

1 Ethan Ellenberg @ Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
2 Ginger Clark @ Curtis Brown, Ltd.
3 Russell Galen @ Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency, Inc.
4 Jenoyne Adams @ Bliss Literary Agency International, Inc.
5 Laura Rennert @ Andrea Brown Literary Agency
6 Jamie Brenner @ Artists and Artisans Inc.
7 Jennifer DeChiara @ Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency
8 Loretta Barrett @ Loretta Barrett Books, Inc.
9 Alexandra Machinist @ Linda Chester Literary Agency
10 Robert Astle @ Robert Astle and Associates Literary Management

That's it for today. Have a great week!


  1. Thanks for the list. Nathan Leaving?? I got used to the great info he gives us on his blog. That's a great loss.

  2. Jess, what a nice thing for you to do for other writers by compiling this list:)

  3. I too like lists like this. Despite whether or not they are accurate, I guess they provide some kind of guide to go by. I guess we should each make similar lists based on our own experiences to see how they compare.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing. Little nervous about Russ Galen's spot...guess I better be brilliant :)

    Now following you to keep up on all your tasty tidbits.

    The Survival Mama

  5. Great information here. I hadn't heard about Nathan. A lot of people for whom he was 'dream agent' will be disappointed. I'm tempted to query one of the "most accepting agents", but I guess everyone else will be too!

  6. I'm book marking this post...and kicking myself for not stopping by sooner!

    Thanks so much:)

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