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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tick Tock

We always talk about the unbearable waiting that’s inherent to the publishing world, but, um, where did the first four months of the year go?

They flew by and now it’s May. Which means next month is June (this post does go beyond the obvious, I swear). Which means it’s time to reevaluate any goals you had for 2011.

If you’re like me, you may have identified some things you wanted to get done this year in terms of:

-finishing projects
-trying a new genre
-trying your hand at freelance work (see my link list under the WriteOnCon icon for “Places to Submit While You’re Waiting”)
-nailing a query letter
-getting an agent
-making social connections (yay for blogging friends!)

Almost half the year is gone! Okay, so a third of the year is gone, but I’m the kind of person who sets my clock ahead so I’m usually pleasantly surprised when I remember that I have 15 extra minutes to get somewhere…it’s a sick motivation/reward system, I know.

My point is, the only New Year resolution I’ve kept with consistency is increasing my leafy green intake (by the way, if you haven’t tried kale, it’s fabulous). It’s time for me to crack down on my goals, get organized, and stay motivated!
This post is meant to motivate you to enjoy the ride, but stay focused as well. You've got a big support system of bloggers, friends, and family, so don't be afraid to ask for help or a hug now and then :) You can do it and your dreams are worth it!

Feel free to click on THIS link for a daily affirmation message from Stuart Smalley (played by Saturday Night Live’s Al Franken). If you don't like Stuart Smalley, then go watch Sylvester Stallone in Rocky. Same message, more fight scenes.

CONTEST REMINDER: This Friday check out Sisters in Scribe for a twitter pitch contest with agent Sara Megibow of Nelson Literary!! Entries will open 10 AM Eastern time on Friday and close at 11:59 PM Easter on Saturday, May 7th. Click HERE for details.


  1. i KNOW!!! ohmygoodness! where is the year going!?!?!?

  2. OMGosh, you are so right - where has the time gone? And I'm like you, my alarm clock is 15 minutes ahead but the problem is, I always know it!

  3. My clock is set ahead too - I try not to know exactly how much because, as we established yesterday, I live with the delusion that I can do anything or get anywhere in 5 minutes (which is simply not true!) so it's best if I have a little time in hand :) Thanks for the motivational reminder :)

  4. Time DOES fly! I can't believe it's May either. Good luck with all your goals :) I'm kind of fearful of reviewing mine, I know I haven't quite worked on all of them with the same amount of energy.

  5. Seriously. Oh my goodness, I can NOT believe it is May already! And you know, I've never tried kale. I don't think I've ever seen it in my grocery store, though! I must look into this.

  6. Love this: "You can do it and your dreams are worth it!" AND Daily Affirmations. Those were the best. :D

  7. Crap. I better get of blogs and get on my revisions. Thanks Jess!

  8. Great motivation. It's really May, isn't it? Time to whip out my goals from January. I hope I've hit a couple of them!


  9. Thanks for the kick start. One third done already? I've got writing and revising that I have to get started!

  10. Speaking of kale, we're going to try making kale chips for the first time tonight.

  11. I have a different perspective this year. The first three months of 2011 were great for my writing career. Then April was worse than dead. April was undead. Silence, rejections, silence, and my largest contract canceled by a publisher "changing directions." I'm thrilled that it's May. All those flowering trees make me believe my fortune will change.
    Kale is indeed very tasty. Have you tried rainbow chard?

  12. I like your idea of reviewing my goals for this year. Time is flying by and I still feel like I'm not doing nearly as much as I should have.

    PS: I'm having a giveaway on my blog. Would you mind adding the link to your list, pretty please?

  13. I know what you mean. I haven't yet completed any of my 3 writing-related resolutions (one has to do with NaNoWriMo, so I'm off the hook there). But I did give myself the year and I am making progress toward achieving those goals. So we have to give ourselves a break sometimes.

    Happy Resolution Keeping!

  14. So far I've done better than this time last year on my goals, so I'm happy about that. Of course, not as far as I'd like, but any progress is better than none! But yes, the year is going by fast. Gotta' run to catch up :-)

  15. Recently, I decided I had to finish my WIP by the end of spring break and I did. Now I want to get this thing edited asap.

  16. I think I resolved something ridiculous, like getting three books published. Well, at the time, I wasn't even thinking of going indie and epublishing. Now, guess what! I probably will epublish three books by December. You just never know what's going to happen.

    P.S. I love fresh baby spinach.

  17. This year is flying! And you're not the only one slacking on your 2011 goals.

    Thanks for spreading the word about the contest at sisters in scribe!

  18. May? How did that happen???

    Even though I actually do know what the date is, I am shocked by how much of the year has gone by and how little I have to show for it in my writing life.



  19. MAY, what the?! Definitely time to go back and check my resolutions.

  20. Ugh, I can't believe how fast the time has gone! My revisions are going WAY too slowly compared to what I was aiming for at the start of the year. Time to kick them back into gear in a big way I think!!!



  21. I was just thinking the other day how quickly the year is passing. I agree it's a great time to check in on the progress of goals and revamp as needed!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse