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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy International Pirate Day!!

Are you ready to sing Shiver Me Timbers & Rattle Me Bones?

Are you ready to be loyal today and break out in pirate speak if your boss says something you don't agree with? "You want me to get the coffee for the meeting??? Walk the plank, you scurvy dog!!"

Are you ready to...

...okay, I made that song title up. And you probably shouldn't tell your boss to walk the plank (though I do recommend using that on children & teenagers). It's not International Pirate Day at all.

I wanted to come up with something informative, but really I can't think of anything because I'm too excited about the awesome WriteOnCon online conference going on now through Thursday.

What are you waiting for? Get over to the Forums, catch an event or eight, and have a blast while learning from some of the most amazing authors and industry professionals out there!

In case you already knew about WriteOnCon (and I'm guessing you did), here are some links so you don't feel cheated by having clicked on my post:

See you on Friday!


  1. hi miss jess! hope you have lots of fun at writeoncom and learn lots of cool stuff. i love pirates. i could wanna be one. :)
    ...hugs from lenny

  2. Psst... I gave you a blog award. :)

    And I am at WriteOnCom as well! Yay!

  3. Thanks for the reminder about WriteOnCon. I'm headed over there now.

  4. I feel like it's aaaaaaaaages since I visited your blog. I'm sorry for that!! Hope you're doing well - sounds like you are high on life! That's a great way to be! hehe

  5. I heard of that last year- weird sort of day, huh?

  6. I can't believe I missed International Pirate Day. But an even bigger shocker is that Treasure Island wasn't the #1 pirate book--Argh!

  7. I'm remembering that post you did last year on the top ten ways to know if your child is becoming a pirate! :)

  8. *waves* I'm a WriteOnCon too! Just found your blog - a new follower. Thanks for all the helpful posts!

  9. AAARRRGH, Matey! Avast ye scr- Oh never mind. But I do have a little parrot! Does that count?

  10. I always enjoy your blog. :)

    I'm catching up on the WriteOnCon posts. They're awesome!!

  11. Ahoy, me lo'e International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It happens t' fall on what would be Hermione Granger's birthday (if she'd e'er been born in real life) and me birthday. Gar.


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