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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mid-Month Agent Tweets

After skipping the month of August, mid-month agent tweets are back! Here are some great/fun tips and thoughts that amazing agents have shared so far this month. Be sure to follow these fabulous folks on Twitter if you’re not already doing so (their Twitter names are underlined).

cjdrayton Catherine Drayton (InkWell Management)
Anyone writing a YA psychological suspense novel? I keep hoping that a stunning manuscript is going to land in my inbox!

sarahlapolla Sarah LaPolla (Curtis Brown, Ltd.)
#writingtip If it's obvious who is speaking, you don't need dialogue tags. Narrative is much cleaner when you remove unnecessary "said."

SaraMegibow Sara Megibow (Nelson Literary)
Phone call this morning, "I DID send a query via email but HAD to call and tell you about it in person too."

SaraMegibow Sara Megibow
Here's the thing about phone call queries - authors don't get to call potential readers and say "But you'll LOVE it!"

literaticat Jennifer Laughran (Andrea Brown Literary)
Love a good MG or YA mystery? Looks like there is a cool new blog afoot... http://sleuthsspiesandalibis.blogspot.com/

SarahGreenhouse Sarah Davies (Greenhouse Literary)
A new day, a new world - and @juliachurchill and I are on the prowl, turning over those rocks in search of sparkling manuscripts beneath.

KOrtizzle Kathleen Ortiz (Nancy Coffey Literary)
"My book will appeal of fans of 'The Twilight'." #dontevenknowwheretobegin

RT by kate_mckean Kate McKean (Howard Morhaim Literary)
A cover letter ("Below are my synopsis and pages.") is not an acceptable substitute for an actual query letter. #pubtip

*Random comment by Jess~ Ms. McKean reopens to queries on 9/15/11!

RachelleGardner Rachelle Gardner (WordServe Literary)
it’s the author’s job to come to the agent with a publishable book: http://bit.ly/oVYZfS

AgentKristin Kristin Miller (D4EO Literary)
Back to work after vacation and reading queries. LOTS of them don't have pasted sample pages. PLEASE paste sample pages. 5-10 works.

AgentKristin Kristin Miller
After all, your query might suck, but your pages might be amazing. I'd hate to have missed out b/c of a crap query.

RT by MarleneStringer (The Stringer Literary Agency)
Even when writing in 1st person, tell us your main character's name as early as possible. I hate having no idea who is talking #writetip #fb

sarahlapolla Sarah LaPolla
Queries I never want to read: "Girl feels invisible. Meets hottest guy ever. Finds self-worth through his love. OMG he has a secret."

sarahlapolla Sarah LaPolla

sarahlapolla Sarah LaPolla
BTW, a male protagonist who suddenly finds self-worth because a hot, confident love interest is totally into him is equally vomit-worthy.
*Random comment by Jess~ Sarah LaPolla's tweets rock :)

SaraMegibow Sara Megibow
#MashUpMonday - I would love to see a submission of epic science fiction. Crazy huh? Patrick Rothfuss-in-space kinda thing.

See you on Friday!


  1. "I'd hate to have missed out b/c of a crap query."

    That's awesome!

  2. heeheehee! i love these! though i often feel sorry for the poor agents that read these things over and over and over...

  3. Those are awesome! Thanks for posting. And, yes, Sarah LaPolla's were by far my favorite. The lonely girl meets the hot boy who has a secret! Nice :) Thanks Jess.

  4. These are awesome. Agents crack me up. (course that's easy to say since I didn't have to meet any this weekend :) Love the "The Twilgiht" tweets. Make it a new hashtag! #theTwilight

  5. I'm on twitter now, and look forward to following these agents. But how do I follow you?

  6. Beth~ My name on Twitter is JS_Lawson :)

  7. Lots of good stuff here, Jess--thanks!

  8. Great pointers! Thanks. I especially loved the first one about "The Twilight". Cracked me up.

  9. Thanks, Jess. These are great, as usual!

  10. I want to read the Patrick Rothfus-in-space book, too!


  11. Hooray, the agents tweets are back! I love the agent tweets. You found some good ones this month. I wonder what the hot guy's secret usually is.

  12. Love the agent tweets. Damn, Patrick Rothfuss get on that, will ya?

  13. Love these! And think I'd best get right to work writing that YA psychological suspense novel that Catherine Drayton is eager for :)

  14. Ha great collection of tweets. My fav is 'think outside the Twilight' LOL.

  15. Holy cow, these are great! I'm forwarding one of these tweets to a friend. I need to follow these agents. THANK YOU!!

  16. Love, love, love these! Thanks so much!! :)

  17. LOL! Those are some good ones. Thanks for sharing, Jess! :o)

    ~ Jackee


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