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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Three Upcoming Agent Contests

Here are three upcoming ways to get your manuscript in front of agents:


Dates: Submission windows are on 9/1 and chosen entries go live from 9/7-9/12
What to submit: 35-word pitch and first 150 words of your Adult, Young Adult, or Middle Grade manuscript
Links: See the blogs of hostesses Shelley WattersBrenda Drake, and Erica M. Chapman
Participating agents:

Dawn Frederick - Red Sofa Literary
Brittany Howard - Corvisiero Agency
John Cusick - Scott Treimel NY
Victoria Marini - Gelfman Schneider Lit.
Judith Engracia - Liza Dawson & Assoc.
Louise Fury - L. Perkins Agency
Sarah LaPolla - Curtis Brown Ltd.
Brooks Sherman - FinePrint Literary Management
Molly Ker Hawn - The Bent Agency

2. GUTGAA (Gearing up to get an agent)

Dates: 8/31 through 10/12
What to Submit: You'll be polishing your pitches and getting to know other participants for a couple of weeks, but your final submission will be a query and your first 150 words.
Judges: First round judges will be a group of your peers (click HERE for a 1st round judge list). Final requests will be made by 11 agents and 7 small presses!
Links: You'll want to read through the following post~ GUTGAA Schedule

Dates: 8/31 through 9/30
What to Submit: This starts with the first line of your kiss/kiss-off scene. Chosen entries will submit their entire scene for one entry round and first 250 words for the last round.
Participating Agent: Lauren MacLeod of The Strothman Agency will critique the winner's first 20 pages or have a 20-minute phone call with them.
Links: Click HERE for details


  1. As always, thanks for posting these. :D

  2. Good luck to all that enter. Happy Writing :-)

  3. Wow, lots going on in September. Good luck everyone!

    1. Yep~ contests have been going at a steady pace all Summer and it looks to be a great Fall, too!

  4. I'm so excited for each of these. They look like great opportunities. Thanks!

  5. You are so well-connected. These all sound great!

    1. I don't know that I'm well-connected~ I just follow a lot of blogs :)

  6. All three contests sound like great opportunities.

    Because of your previous post, I queried Jim McCarthy and got a request for a full. THANKS!! :-D

  7. Love these opportunities! Thanks so much. Enjoy time in Austin without the computer - always a good break!