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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Announcements/Reminders

Here are a few items to keep in mind this week/month:

Guide to Literary Agent’s Lucky Agent Contest closes tomorrow, October 6th. Be sure to enter if you have a completed urban fantasy or paranormal manuscript.

Query Tracker’s Contest this month is for Children’s/MG/YA on October 27th. This is an exciting one because Joan Paquette of Erin Murphy is the judge. Erin Murphy Literary Agency only takes queries from referrals and conference attendees, so this is a great chance to show your pitch line and first 100 words to an agent who might not otherwise see it.

NaNoWriMo is next month, so start thinking about whether or not you’re up for it and what you’d like to write about.

Nancy Coffey Literary has new query guidelines, including a new query address.

Elana Roth (of Johnson Lit Agency) announced that she's open to queries again. Here are a few things she's looking for in terms of MG/YA.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is this week in Germany. Again, many MG/YA agents won’t be attending, but it’s still nice to know when these things go on.

Finally, I recently received an email from Stories For Children, an online kids magazine. It was a media release detailing their new blog, Families Matter. Here is an excerpt from the release:

Along with content written by members of the SFC blog editorial team and SFC publishing team, V.S. Grenier has announced she is opening some of the monthly columns of the SFC blog Families Matter to submissions. “We feel this is a great way for those seeking publication to build their writing resume and for parents, educators and those interested in helping families to submit material our readers would be interested in,” says Grenier.

The guidelines and topic list will be available after October 1, 2010 on the SFC blog Families Matter and at the Stories for Children Publishing website.

Visit the SFC blog Families Matter throughout the month of October and be sure to follow along and participate with your comments and/or questions. Blog posts will be three times a week every week. There are some great interviews lined up, along with book reviews and educational and health tips.

I mentioned the new blog because many of you have kids and families, and I thought this might be a writing opportunity you’d like to pursue.

See you Friday!


  1. What a great roundup! Thanks for all the information.

  2. Thanks for the updates! I'm gearing up for NaNo, also. I really enjoyed it last year.

  3. What? Okay so I'm still wading through KarenG's BBQ guest list. I go back to it now and then until I clear out my mailbox. Please to make your acquaintance.

    I'm inching toward my NaNo decision. I managed last year and I guess I can do it again. This year I've cut my blogging to 3 days per week, which should make NaNo a bit easier that last year.

    You've got some great sounding links in your sidebar. Maybe I can get to some of those after I finish the BBQ guestlist.

    Tossing It Out