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Friday, February 25, 2011

Upcoming Events/Crusader Challenge #1

Mark Your Calendars:

February 28 (Monday)- WriteOnCon Live Chat with Agent Suzie Townsend and Editor Maria Gomez

March 1 (Tuesday)- Operation Awesome Secret Agent Contest. Genres: YA (especially thriller, cyberpunk, horror, historical romance); MG; women's fiction; romance (especially with a strong, female heroine. Format: 140 character limit. There are 75 spots, so make sure you keep an eye on their website (usually they open in the morning, but it was a little later in the day last time).

Be on the lookout:
Shelli’s blog, Market My Words, is having a March Agent Contest with Diana Fox. The date isn't set, but you may want to follow Shelli's blog so you don't miss is. Ms. Fox is looking for young adult fiction (all genres), science fiction/fantasy, romance, historical fiction, thrillers, and graphic novels.

Agent Move:
Natalie Fischer has officially moved to Bradford Literary--see her post HERE. She's still not open to submissions yet, but keep an eye on her. She accepts YA, children's, MG, romance, historical, and multicultural.

Random News Tidbit:
Weird Al Yankovic's picture book hits NYT Bestseller list! Click HERE.

The First Crusader Challenge- In 300 words or less, tell us:
· one secret
· one lie
· one interesting quirk
· one annoying habit
· one of your best character traits, and
· one of your favourite things in the whole world.
The post must include the random words, “bloviate,” “fuliguline,” “rabbit,” and “blade” (tee hee).

-My favorite grade was kindergarten, and I still send a Christmas card to my former teacher every year. I don’t want to bloviate, but I’m certain that I’m still her favorite student ever!

-When my sister’s pet rabbit was dying, she ignored it while I fed it pineapple juice from a plastic syringe and read it The Velveteen Rabbit. I never told her because I didn't want her to feel guilty for being a bad pet parent.

-I was on the basketball, soccer and fencing teams in high school, but only played soccer in college. I was no good at basketball and Mom didn’t want me keeping a fighting blade in my dorm room, even with the protective tip.

-When I’m driving alone during American Idol season, I belt out “Mustang Sally,” the song I would try out with if I ever got the chance. Speaking of the car, I always set my car clock 7 minutes ahead, and I never drive more than 7 miles over the speed limit.

-I love cooking, though I’ve ruined many a recipe because of my tendency to be a salt fiend—I usually salt my food before I try it, something that embarrasses my food-snob husband.

-My 2-year-old refuses to say “quack,” and instead makes a guttural noise that’s a very accurate imitation of a wild fuliguline. She gets weird looks at Toddler Time, but I just smile confidently, knowing that my kid has it right and the rest of them are living a lie.

-I’m a pretty good listener and have been known to give stealth hugs when I feel it’s necessary. One of my favorite things is the smell of burning wood or the scent that comes from a wick when you’ve just blown out a candle.

*I may have revealed something about me that isn’t strictly true, can you guess what it is?

Happy Friday!


  1. Great links, thanks!

    I'll say you didn't feed the dying rabbit pineapple juice. Or maybe you did. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. i'm guessing the rabbit one as well!
    but i just wanted to say!!! the rest are living a lie made me laugh SO LOUD!!!

  3. I hope the stealth hug thing is not the lie, because that sounds freaking awesome. What a great phrase!

  4. hi miss jess! i love that your a hugger cause i love giving and getting hugs. that rabbit stuff is just so cool that its gotta be true and im believing it cause you could love nature. for what i thinks not so true is that going just only 7 miles past the speed limit. that was fun reading bout you.
    ...hugs from lenny

  5. Hi! Oh, we writers are such good liars. I've read a good number of these, and I can never tell what someone is lying about.

    I love that your post does feel more real to me than most of the rest. Lovely ...

  6. I know the quack comment is real! So I'll guess...the pineapple juice and the sick rabbit?

  7. Fellow Crusader here.
    I want to take a wild guess and say: You didn't feed the rabbit any pineapple juice?

  8. I really hope the salting before you taste and oversalting is the lie, but I'm afraid not (because I know others like that). Maybe your husband isn't really a food snob?

    My mom never cooked with salt when I was a kid and even bought unsalted pretzels and potato chips (which is cruel and unusual punishment), so most things taste too salty to me.


  9. I bet the salt one is true, because I do that!

  10. I hope the quack story is true. That's excellent!

  11. I have speed limits on my brain since I just got my first ticket!! Ugh. So, I'm guessing the 7 miles an hour over because the feeding rabbit pineapple juice is just too good to be false.

  12. Oh yeah, I wanted to thank you for the upcoming events, too! Thanks!

  13. Oh, I love the story about your daughter's "quack" ~ too cute! :) Thanks for the links - I always try to keep an eye on Operations Awesome's mystery agent contest. And for the lie? I'm going to guess...you never did fencing?

  14. Good post and thanks for all the events, too! If I was to guess about the fib, I'd say that kindergarten wasn't your favorite grade, but I bet you do send a card!

  15. Wow...thats a lot of great information for writers. I'm totally tweeting your post. =)

  16. I'm guessing the lie is about sending a Christmas card to your kindergarten teacher. :) If the part about you taking such great care of your sister's bunny is true, then that is sooo sweet!

    I'm gonna check out those links in your post now. Thanks for sharing them!

  17. Ooh, so many exciting events!! Thanks for the Operation Awesome shout out, too! I'm really looking forward to the WriteOnCon chat. Missed the last one and they are so awesome!

  18. Hi, Jess,

    Maybe your lie is about feeding the rabbit pineapple juice or perhaps sending your kindergarten teacher greeting cards?

  19. Wow, great links and updates! I'm not a crusader this year, but have really enjoyed reading all of the little fibs:) New follower!

  20. Thank you for all those links!! :D

  21. Fantastic links, thank you so much! I'll pick the rabbit as being untrue, mostly because I'd like it if it was. Poor old rabbit!

  22. Your posts always rock, Jess. Thanks for all the updates and links.

    What a cool challenge. I'm stumped about what the lie is - are you going to reveal it later? ;)

  23. Did you really read to the rabbit? I think that's that lie, but if you did, that's totally sweet!

  24. Awesome info! I never knew about this other secret agent contest. I'll have to check it out. For fun! I'd guess you don't really like cooking!

  25. Thanks for the links. I'm not ready to do the contests yet but I have passed them to my Critique Partners.

  26. I think you did nurse your sister's rabbit to health, but I also think you told her about it and went, "booyah!" a couple times in her face when it lived.

  27. I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and guess the pineapple juice to the bunny. Catherine is right, we writers are excellent liars. That's probably a good thing!

  28. Sorry I'm late to this. I like all your bullet points, even if one of them is a lie. You're pretty good at lying! I'm going to guess that you don't really like the smell of a candle after it's just blown out. :)

    Thanks for the links!

  29. Can't wait to read revolution either! And I am super dooper glad that you enjoyed the Q&A with Jennifer!

  30. You always have such informative posts! I'm checking out your links!

    And I hope the Mustang Sally is true since I also do/have done that. In fact, on a cruise, I accidentally entered a karaoke contest singing that and made it to the finalists and then had to sing it with two others on the big ballroom stage in front of the whole ship and three judges. No amount of rum can make that fun. From then on, people passed me on deck calling out "hey, Mustang Sally!"