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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Get thee over to author Tara Dairman's blog!

Hi All!

My dear friend and critique partner Tara Dairman's 3rd book is coming out next summer, and she's revealing her cover and doing a giveaway today (you can enter through November 5th)~ her middle grade series is perfect for any young readers (and adult ones, too!), especially those with an interest in all things foodie,

Here are the first two covers:

The first two books, All Four Stars and The Stars of Summer are must reads~ great characters, hilarious narratives/dialogue, and mouth-watering food descriptions~and all the cover art is by one of my favorite illustrators, Kelly Murphy. Tara said that we could spread the 3rd cover image far and wide, so I've posted Book #3's cover below, but you MUST go to her blog in order to enter the giveaway, so get over there!



  1. Congratulations to Tara :-) Really cute covers...

  2. Jess! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. This series has just some of the brightest and fun covers. I am all about something w/food on it too. =)

  4. These look great, and everyone in my family loves books and food, so probably a good series for us! Heading over to Tara's blog...

  5. I missed it, but I'll definitely buy the book.

  6. I have lots of students who are excited about this series and they will love seeing the next book cover. Thanks for sharing!