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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Few Ladies Who Pay It Forward!

Thanks to Shelli’s blog contest on the fabulous Market My Words, today’s post is dedicated to expressing my appreciation for a few people who have been a source of assistance during my writing journey (I had trouble limiting it to one person):

For Services in Craft Advancement and Critiques- The incomparable Authoress of Miss Snark’s First Victim. With Secret Agent contests dating back three years this July, she has provided countless opportunities for the writing community to offer/receive critiques from peers and agents. I’ve learned so much from reading the fantastic entries and reading agent responses to excerpts. Authoress, you are the epitome of Pay It Forward!
For Contribution to My Knowledge Base- Miss Kimberly of Meetings With My Muse- I recently won a gift card to use on this Thursday’s Writer’s Digest webinar with Mary Kole. I’ve already told her this, but I’m giddy with delight. Such a generous giveaway! Here’s to you, Kimberly!
For Inspiration- Miss Brittany over at Hills & Corkscrews-I’ve been following this young lady since she was 12. She’s now the big 1-3, a certified teenager. The fact that she is so proactive with her passion is truly an inspiration. She sets goals, deadlines, and has participated in the daunting National Novel Writing Month multiple times!! Plus, she’s super sweet and has wisdom beyond her years that she may or may not be aware of. See this post to get to know her a little—read the whole thing, don’t skim, and then hit the Follow button :) Thanks, Brittany!

**Please note** The original genres that Authoress posted for this month’s Secret Agent contest have changed. The contest now includes Middle Grade, so the eligible categories are:
-Romance (no SFF or subgenres thereof)
-YA (no SFF or subgenres thereof)
-MG (no SFF or subgenres thereof)
(SFF is Sci-Fi/Fantasy). Mark your calendars for the February 7th entry windows. Click HERE for details.
**One more thing: Jill Corcoran of The Herman Agency has updated her what-I'm-looking-for list. She'd like to see:
-Romance, especially romantic comedies. Not goofy, silly chic-lit with no underlying heart/intelligence/soul but full-fleshed, make me laugh/cry/yearn/scream romantic comedies.
-Original/Out of the box paranormal MG or YA that keeps me at the edge of my seat and has a fantastic payoff at the end.
-Middle Grade that captures the reality of Middle School with an intriguing plot plus authentic emotion. 7th and 8th grade =hormonal roller coaster where kids strive to be independent yet are still such babes in the woods.
-Literary with a commercial hook.
-Commercial with literary prose.
See you on Friday!


  1. What a wonderful, remember it's not, in fact, all about ME post. I've been thinking quite a bit about community and giving and people and doing for others just lately...must go ruminate on this.

    Thank you for the timely prod.

  2. A great tribute, Jess! There's so many people that inspire. :) And congrats on the Mary Kole win! I'm sure it will be an amazing webinar. Have fun!

  3. Ah, thanks so much, Jess, for thinking of me as a pay it forward kind of person. I do love, love to do that stuff and I hope you will enjoy the session. I can't agree more about Authoress, wow, she has devoted so much time and energy to the writing community. I will definitely go check out Miss Brittany and I'm sure I'll be following.

    Thanks for all the updates too! I get all kinds of aweseomeness from your blog.

  4. I followed you here from the pay-it-forward contest to tell you that your paragraph gave me chills and is TOTALLY something I'd read. Nice job.

  5. I just read your pitch too, and it sounds so good!

  6. hey - nice to meet you today! great list you have and some fun new blogs Im going to check out :)

  7. What a great shout-out to some fantastic people. You'll get so much benefit from the webinar, can't wait to hear all about it!


  8. What a lovely post! I'm really enjoying all the posts coming out of this competition, the love's everywhere!

  9. Thanks for the mention, Jess! That just made my day. :)

  10. Jess, I stopped by from Shelli's blog because I loved your pitch! I was so shocked when I read it because my dad is an avid golfer and he told me that his dream was when he died for his ashes to be spread at Augusta! Specifically in Rae’s creek on the 13th hole! Of course, as your MC finds out, it's easier said than done.

    Good luck with it!

  11. Great post! And good luck on the pitch contest. I loved your entry--seeing golf in a story is an unexpected, great element!

  12. Ooh I love JIll! She's awesome (and she's not even my agent). :D I took her query writing course shortly before I did snag mine though. Make of it what you will.

  13. Hi Jess,
    Thanks so much for your comments! I'm glad you like my typewriters, I adore them!
    And thank you for following me too! ( :
    Sadly I realised that I can't do the Austen competition, it's for US residents only; hopefully there will be another oppertunity like that soon though!
    Thank you! I'm glad you like Prunella's name, she'll be ever so pleased!


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