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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pssst! What 3 Agents Want To See (Pass It On)

This is going to be a quick post of pass-it-on news. Here are just a few tweets (from the past week) about what certain agents are looking for.

(And psst! Even if you don’t write in these genres, if you have blogging friends who are looking for an agent and these apply to them, it would be awfully nice to pass this stuff on. Karma points and all that jazz)

WANTED- Novel-In-Verse

Tina_Wexler Tina Wexler, ICM Talent
Yes, I want a novel-in-verse for my list. Yes, I rep the Muriel Rukeyser estate. No, I'm not looking for poetry collections for adults.

WANTED: Contemporary YA with quirky characters

TayMartindale Taylor Martindale, Full Circle Literary
Was just about to post that I'm looking for YA contemp with quirky characters, and a stellar query fell into my lap. Win.

WANTED: Children's book illustrator

stevenmalk Steven Malk, Writers House
Send it to me first! RT
@DJBray Also, if you are the next Mary Blair, please send me something!

*Mary Blair was a Disney artist/illustrator who was recently featured in a tribute by Google—see HERE for more info about her style.

Coming on Friday:
Spooky literary destinations~ From Transylvania to Estes Park, Colorado


  1. Thanks for the updates. It's always great to read what's in demand out there!

  2. ooooh! the mary blair one fits SO IN LINE with a blogger i'm familiar with!
    off to spread the news!

  3. I'll pass it on. Looking forward to the spooky literary destinations!

  4. Those are three very different things. Cool. So much being sought out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Always good to keep our ears open - thanks for sharing the info.

    Looking forward to spooky lit destinations.

  6. Good luck to people who write those.

  7. Nice to stay on top of things. Thank you for stalking all those agents.

  8. Thanks for the information Jess! I hope you are feeling better!

  9. Man, I do love a novel in verse. I used to think I'd never enjoy that format, but boy, was I wrong. I hope Tina finds what she's after, and sells it!

  10. ooo... wish I had what they were looking for. But thanks for the links. I've always wanted to visit Transylvania... it fascinates me!

  11. I hope you are feeling better, Jess. *hugs*

  12. So interesting how each one wants something different.

  13. Ditto what Matt said (it sounds better coming from him). :D

  14. Did somebody say "quirky?" *puts index finger to chin* Thanks mucho.

  15. Jess, this is great. I love your agent updates.

  16. THanks for the updates - I know we all appreciate them:) Hope you're feeling better than last week!

  17. If only I had a novel in verse in me. Lisa Schroeder is an excellent novel in verse author.

  18. Wow, once again, so good of you to collect these and post.


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