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Friday, October 14, 2011

What The Agents Are Chirping About~ Mid-Month Tweets

Happy Friday! Here are a few things that awesome agents have been saying on Twitter this month (ps~ I'm glad to report that the forecast says 70 degrees for tomorrow instead of a repeat of last weekend's snow):

SaraMegibow Sara Megibow (Nelson Literary)
What does it mean to be "actively acquiring new clients?" It means I must stop this line edit and go read submissions now.

SaraMegibow Sara Megibow
Who knows? The next
@MirandaKennealy or @JaneKindred or @Allison_Rushby may be in my inbox RIGHT NOW!

Tina_Wexler Tina Wexler (ICM Talent)
Dear Query-ers: No need to include pictures of your kids. I'll just assume they're cute, okay?

@SarahGreenhouse Sarah Davies (Greenhouse Literary)
Queryers, it's a really good idea not to give your ms the same title as a big book. So avoid FALLEN and ASHES! I've seen a few of both.

Tina_Wexler Tina Wexler
Dear query-ers, saying your manuscript is a "fictional novel" is like saying "ATM machine."

mer_barnes Meredith Barnes (Lowenstein Associates)
If you're planning to query me, please do so before 10/15 (Saturday), when I will close to queries, probably through the end of the yr!

kate_mckean Kate McKean (Howard Morhaim Agency)
A link to buy your ebook on Kindle/Nook is not a query. It is spam and will be marked as such.

SaraMegibow Sara Megibow
If I'm loving a submission, I stop and think, "who might buy this?" That's an important step for me before deciding to offer rep.

BostonBookGirl Lauren E. MacLeod (Strothman Agency)
In the last month or so I've seen at least five YA historicals about teen girls who dress as boys to fight in the civil war.

AgentKristin Kristin Miller (D4EO Agency)
Announcement for the morning crowd: The D4EO website is live. Submission, rights, etc. info here:

saraagent Sara Crowe (Harvey Klinger Agency)
got a few instructive queries this week: "read the below and decide if you would like to see more. " Really, no need, I know the drill.

Louise Fury (L. Perkins Agency)
U can find our phone number, but not our email address? Somehow I don't believe u. FYI, we don't accept phone pitches.

DaphneUn Daphne Unfeasible (aka, Kate Schafer Testerman of kt Literary)
Query update! I'm still behind, but at least I've read & responded to all queries received before September 9th.

Ginger_Clark Ginger Clark (Curtis Brown, Ltd.)
A lot of YA editors are looking for thrillers. More than in previous years.

Lauren E. MacLeod
If your self pub book has sold under 500 copies at a $.99 price point, I don't want to hear about it. 5,000? Maybe.

Have a great weekend~ be sure to check out the top of my sidebar for some amazing book giveaways!


  1. I love Louise Fury's tweet! It is cool to get a pulse on what's happening and read the agents thoughts. Glad you have warmer weather! Your last post motivated me to get out and take more Fall pictures. :-) Happy weekend!

  2. I've heard the thriller thing, too. Oh well, at least I don't have a book where a teen character dresses like a boy to fight in the civil war.

  3. Some of those are just too funny.

    "I'll just assume they're cute, okay?"

    Um, yeah.

  4. Another great set of information from the agents. Thanks to you, I'm already following some of them on twitter, but there's lots of new info here too. It really helps give insight into their personalities, doesn't it?

  5. Thanks for the update!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Love your help with the twitter links, Jess! Thanks so much for tipping us off to them :-)

  7. Great line-up and made me smile. :O)

  8. Who needs Twitter when I can come here and get the highlights!! :) You see so much more than I ever could. Thank you!

  9. Thank you, that was awesome. You've staked the Time vampires of Twitter for me.

  10. Great giggles here as well as rookie mistakes to avoid. Thanks, Jess.

  11. Thanks for this share! I don't visit Twitter as often as I should, even though when I do, I find it so informative. But this was great!

  12. They send her photos of their kids? Thanks for the laugh!

  13. Shoot, there goes my civil war YA idea! :) just kidding. Phew. Now, thrillers? Hmmm....

  14. Awesome info! Thanks!


  15. I don't follow very many agents, so it's great to see a solid recap! Some of them are hilarious!

  16. Sorry, I haven't been around. I just went through and caught myself up on your posts, but I had to comment on this one because I LOVE when you post these. Yes, I should be on twitter, but I can't. Not just yet. I don't have a smart phone and my kids already think I'm "playing" on the computer too much. They don't understand why they only get a half hour.

    Anyway, thanks for posting these!