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Friday, July 8, 2011

Agent-Judged Contests And Amazing Teen Writers

Here are a few upcoming agent-judged contests (click blue title for more info):

Natalie Fischer Revision Contest- Going on NOW at EbyssWriter's blog. Will be open until July 11 or up to 50 entries (hovering around 32 entries as of this post).

Miss Snark's First Victim, July Secret Agent Contest- Opens on Monday, July 11. Categories are Adult Fiction (no humor) and YA Fiction.

Twitter Pitch Contest with Kristin Miller of D4EO Literary- Tuesday, July 12. 140 characters describing your finished YA or MG novel. I love these~ they really challenge you to condense your plot into a short, appealing pitch. Monica B.W. is your awesome hostess. Links: Kristin Miller's blog, Kristin Miller's Wish List

An Agent's Inbox Contest- The fabulous Krista V. of Mother. Write. Repeat. will be having another agent contest, with the rounds starting July 25. Last month's contest with Vickie Motter of Andrea Hurst was a great success. Go follow Krista's blog now, so you can be sure to receive updates! Click HERE for contest guidelines from last month for an idea of what to expect.


The Teen Blogfest hosted by my blogging friend Brittany (of Hills and Corkscrews) is winding down. Tomorrow is "Ask the Teen" day, so be sure to visit the participants' blogs for some firsthand answers from the teen mind. They're looking for questions from YOU!

*There's a shortage of "Ask the Teen" questions, so PLEASE send a question regarding teen reading habits or writing or trends or anything teen writing/reading-related to brittany (at) hillsandcorkscrews (dot) com

1. Brittany from Hills and Corkscrews

4. Rachael from Writers' Chasm

6. Nick from Writing Fire

7. Laura from Laura + the voices


  1. Thanks Jess. Awesome info, as always!

  2. Thanks for the contest info. I've got to make it a point to check out these teens blogs this weekend!

  3. Thanks for mentioning the blogfest, Jess! Also, there's still time to submit questions for the Ask-the-Teens thing (because we, uh, haven't gotten any yet), so if you have any questions e-mail them to brittany (at) hillsandcorkscrews (dot) com.

  4. Thanks for the teen blog links. I think it is so awesome that young writers have their own blogs!

    I sure would have!


  5. Nice list. Agent contests are great. I found my agent through a contest.

  6. Thanks again for great-sounding links, Jess. Hope to get a chance to check them out soon :-)

  7. Oh, yes, this is great I need to visit these teen bloggers it sure is my target audience! Sorry I didn't stop by in time to contribute questions. Will sign up for that Nelson Agency newsletter too thanks as always for the great tips!

  8. Once again, you're a wealth of info! I, of course, shared this with my critique partners. :-)

  9. I don't know how you do it! As always, a fanastic list.

  10. Jess, as always, your knowledge and research to help all us writerly peeps, astounds me!

    Another great list of contests and information - thanks so much for always taking the time to do this!

  11. I love that you always support your fellow writers, Jess. *hugs*

    Thanks for being a bright light. :)


  12. Thanks for the reminders. I'll be sure to check out the teen blogs (if it's not too late).

  13. Thanks for the links. I entered the Natalie Fisher contest. I had lunch with her at a recent writing conference. She's refreshing to talk to.


  14. Thanks for all the links! I'm too chicken to do the Miss Snark, though I really should try.

  15. I love your links. You are just full of awesome.

  16. Ah! This is great info...I'll pass it on to some friends. Thank you!

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