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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Extended Entry List For Agent Contest!

Hi all! Here are two big chances to get your manuscript seen by an agent:

Today's elevator pitch contest with Bree Ogden of Martin Literary over at YAtopia has been extended to include ALL Young Adult and Middle Grade genres, not just those on Ms. Ogden’s wish list. Get over there and leave your entry comment by midnight tomorrow, July 13th! Click below.

YAtopia Contest with Bree Ogden

Also, the Twitter Pitch contest with Kristin Miller of D4EO Literary is going on today on Monica BW’s website, Love YA ! Can you describe your MG/YA novel in 140 characters? The contest will close Thursday, July 14th at noon (EST). Click below.

Twitter Pitch Contest with Kristin Miller

PLUS, don't miss this critique opportunity at Becky Wallace's blog. This lady used to be a full-time editor, so she knows her stuff. Read the details and post your query letter for a chance to win! Deadline is Tuesday, July 19th. Click below.

Becky Wallace's Critique Contest

This Friday's Post: Mid-July Agent Tweets


  1. Wow. So many pitch contests. Awesome.

  2. I blogged about virtually the same thing today. LOL Don't worry--I'm not a copycat. I had to blog about them in order to meet the entry requirements.

    Thanks for giving everyone a heads-up! Without you, I wouldn't have know that the YAtopia/Bree Ogden contest had opened up to include all genres. :)

  3. Thanks! And of course I wait until last minute to get ready. Self sabotage comes to mind. =)

  4. Woman! I have no idea how you stay on top of all these contests, still be a wife and a mom, write and read...et all!!!

    True definition of WonderWoman. I'm jealous. Cause I'd love me some red boots. And a sparkly gold headband too.

    <3 you, Jess!

  5. I'm tweeting this. Thanks for sharing Jess. :)

  6. Three fantastic contests there. I am going to share this with all my writing friends. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for all the contest info!

  8. I was thinking the same thing as Erin, how in the world you keep on top of all this! Amazing, Jess!

  9. Thanks for helping me spread the word! :D

  10. I'll definitely check out that critique contest! Thanks!

  11. Great info AGAIN. I will pass the word.

  12. I don't know how you find out about all this stuff, but you are a great resource!

  13. I saw your name on both those contests. Your story sounds so cute ... something I'd love to read. Best of luck with these contests! And thanks for always sharing the info! :)


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