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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Care To Know What New York Editors Are Looking For? Do THIS.

Amazing agent Kristin Nelson (of Nelson Literary Agency, based in Denver) recently spent six weeks in New York, meeting with editors to find out what they’re drooling for these days. Care to know more?

You need to follow NLA’s monthly newsletter to find out. In this month’s issue, Kristin gives a breakdown of what editors are thinking about in terms of submissions.

There are some juicy tidbits involving Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult manuscripts.

Thrillers, steampunk, action-adventure, family dramas, epic fantasy, romance, literary voices, emotional depth—they're all mentioned, but you'll have to read the newsletter to find out the context.

Click below to sign up now, and get all the info:
Nelson Literary Agency Newsletter

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  1. I'm so glad somebody's on the agent pulse, 'cause I sure ain't. Sssshhh, don't tell anyone I said that. Hey, wait...


  2. I never subscribe to the newsletters just because I don't need anything more to do, but hmm, now that I know what they might include...thanks!

  3. I read the post, but I didn't realize there was a newsletter. Thanks, Jess!

  4. How tempting! I will click over their now.

  5. Wow, that sounds too cool! Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. You've WON a FREE BOOK! You're a winner for our second summer giveaway (just for entering the first one!) I emailed you with your choices, so let me know what you'd like! (If you didn't get that email, email me at nc_hintz(at)yahoo (dot) com

  7. Okay, okay! You convinced me. :-) I belonged to their mailing list a while ago, but I went through a huge unsubscribing spree, and that was one of the victims. But I did end up signing up again, because it really was a good newsletter.

  8. I'm not on the mailing list, but I will be! Thanks so much for this great information.

  9. I've just added myself to their list. Thanks for the heads-up!

  10. I'm enjoying reading the teens' blogs for the Summer Blogfest. Those kids are amazing.
    Going to read what the agent has to say. Thanks!

  11. Yes, I got excited when I read this one... MG sci-fi!! Kristen Nelson's blog taught me how to write a good query, so I love that blog!!

  12. Thanks for the link to the newsletter. Will now read the teen blogs!

  13. Thanks for the source info and other linkies! Good stuff. :) Happy Wednesday!

  14. You are the best bloggie linkster I know! Thanks!

  15. Interesting - that looks like it might be worth signing up for. Thanks for the info.

  16. Thanks for the link to the newsletter, Jess--just signed up!

  17. I think I really need to be in the know... Thanks for the info, Jess. I'm signing up!

  18. OMGosh, I love the Nelson Literary Agency's Newsletter. They always have juicy stuff in there!

  19. Thanks for sharing!...I'm gonna have to go sign myself up now.

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