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Friday, July 22, 2011

Arrrrgh! Here There Be Fun Writing Tools, Matey!

When’s the last time you bought yourself a writing treat? Not computer writing software or a new mousepad, but something to actually write with—a funky pen, a cool notebook/journal, etc.
*Pirate sword pen--good for writing dastardly tales and pillaging small villages*

Well, guess what? It’s July…

…haven’t you heard of Christmas in July???

Now’s the perfect time to recharge for the rest of the year (or to recharge a friend) by getting back to the basics of writing on actual paper. I know—sounds crazy to some of us, so you can start by making edits of your typed manuscript on hard copy paper.

It’s amazing what you’ll catch when the words are on paper instead of your computer screen. It’s easier to see spacing errors, sentences that need to be switched around, and other things that spellcheck won’t notice.

Below are a few links that will get you started on the search for something that will make free-writing fun and edits/revisions a hoot (okay, so I don’t know that revisions will ever be a “hoot,” but you get the idea):

Writers Bloc: Pens, Notepads, Planners, Highlighters, Glass pens (these look pretty cool), etc.

Geddes School Supplies: Fun gel pens, writing accessories

X-treme Geek: Click here for such wonders as the rocket pen, the space pen, the massage pen, the farting pen, walking robot pencil sharpener, and more.

Pirate Sword Pen: This is a link to the sword pen shown at the top of this post

Don’t forget to check out
Mother.Write.Repeat. on Monday, July 25th. Krista V. mentioned that she’ll be starting her next round of An Agent’s Inbox that day, so polish your query letters, pitches, and first 250 words. Click HERE for a contest description.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love this kind of stuff, but never actually buy any of it. Although, I may hit my local Borders for the closing sale today and maybe find something nuts to put on my desk or scribble with!

    I'll read anything with mock-pirate speak in it, BTW. It's like the honey to my fly. :-)

    Have an awesome weekend!


  2. I love these pens, they are so cute. I need to get some glass ones. Those sound really cool! I do like putting it on paper and making corrections, it is a lot easier for me to find my mistakes. :)

  3. I love new pens and new stationary. There's something so promising about a new notebook--I think that this time my writing could be neat, my ideas could be seamless!

  4. I really want a light saber pen. I've yet to find one. I'll check the links!


  5. I don't have any of this yet... I'm a total laptop user.

    I think I might need to try it though...

  6. Hey Shelley (storyqueen)~ here's a link to Light Saber pens from www.thinkgeek.com (I don't know why they associate fun stuff with geekiness--it should be "www.stuffeveryonereallywants.com"):


  7. I love that pen! And I often do revisions with pen and paper. It always gives me a fresh way of looking at my manuscript.

  8. I always do edits on paper- I can hardly catch things to change on the computer screen. I also like to write short stories on paper. It takes longer but there's something nice about it.

    I buy WAY more of this stuff than I should- I have so many pretty blank or half-filled notebooks lying around! But I prefer just plain black pens.

  9. I usually have a sparkly notebook for writing deep thoughts in, but it's not specifically for my writing life. It's when I get my edit on that I start to go funky and fun.

  10. I like to buy cute little idea book/journals to inspire brainstorming of new story ideas. :)
    Thanks for the contest link... must check it out.

  11. I have always wanted a fountain pen, but I feel that it might be slightly too expensive for a Christmas in July present. I do like to make notes in colored pens (not just red or blue, but like Granny Smith apple green, and orange, and bronze) so I often buy myself colored pens. I have so many right now it's a little bit ridiculous.

  12. I seriously love that sword pen. LOVE IT.

  13. Fun post! And I agree about how much you can catch on paper!

    You know what my favorite writing tools are? Paper Mate mechanical pencils. I know: very boring. But I love them. :)

  14. Oh how I love writing supplies. I'm so glad they make the little hard cover composition books in tons of designs now. Thanks for permission to go buy a new funky pen. I'll head over to Mother. Write. Repeat. for the scoop.

  15. ooh, I love the pirate sword pen! It's right up my alley. :)

  16. Thanks for stopping by, and yes, with a little tweaking those peanut butter doggy biscuits would work nicely for humans.

    Just bought myself a new batch of groovy colored pens. Love them.

    Happy Writing :-)

  17. Those glass pens would last about two minutes in my house. I hardly ever buy interesting pens. I'm more tempted by notebooks with pretty covers. I seem to buy a lot of those. Not sure why.

  18. Lightsaber pens=awesome!!

    You are the best!